Carol Morrison

My works are one-of-a-kind, hand-pulled images known as monoprints--meaning that each image is produced by painting directly onto an already etched surface and printing the image by hand onto paper. This process is spontaneous and gives me the freedom to articulate my constant flow of images—some emerging slowly, some rushing almost too fast to catch. For me, the work is a transformational processing of my own experiences, including those as a clinical social worker. People seem to recognize something familiar in my imagery. I think it serves not only as a window into my unique world, but as a window into their world as well—one they may not have looked through before. My work is quite accessible and intimate. The complex layering of the prints may function as an allegorical space where people can make their own meaning.
All images are signed by me and may also bear the mark of printmaking master and collaborator Marina Ancora. Images are not altered by PhotoShop. All artwork is protected by copyright and all images are the property of Carol Morrison. The sale of original artwork does not include the sale of copyright. All rights reserved.

Studio visits by appointment: 718 930 6543